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Amy Aragon

菲律宾大学 - 艺术教育硕士

Amy Aragon has been exhibiting since 2001. Her artworks, presented in more than 40 exhibitions were featured in various art publications, auctions, and distinguished art fairs. At the base of her creative aesthetic is a collector attitude that began from accumulated objects she uses for imagery. As she lives in specific cultures, the imagery she piles up and the concepts that connect them complicates. She has set studio in Manila, Bandung, Tokyo, Toronto and currently Vancouver.


Teaching for years is the other aspect of her practice in Fine Arts. Aragon’s experiences in art tutoring range from college level to specialized IB Art programs. She obtained her BFA and attended MA Art Education at the University of the Philippines. She accomplished a postgraduate program in 3D Animation from Seneca at York University in Toronto.

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