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Jay Ticar

日本东京多摩艺术大学 - 美术硕士

Jay Ticar is an experienced artist with more than 65 professional exhibitions over two decades, held in established and respected venues of art in various countries. Several awards highlight his career including a recently accomplished 2017 long-term Asia Center Fellowship by the Japan Foundation.  Jay’s research and creative practice in contemporary art extend to giving formal instruction in art history, theory, and studio-based classes at a university level for years. 


Ticar is fundamentally a painter in the abstract trajectory, which proceeded to conceptual and interdisciplinary extensions. This paved the way for him to pursue interests in installation, relational aesthetics, research-based projects, and currently sound art. He accomplished BFA at the University of the Philippines and MFA at Tama Art University in Tokyo as a Monbukagakusho full scholar. 

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