Setareh Yasan

Master of Fine Arts, University of British Columbia

Interested in balancing academic research with hands-on practice, Yasan’s work conflates literature with the visual language of forms. Her past academic research has been concerned with the social, political and philosophical understandings of anxiety from early twentieth-century to present time, with the focus on the existential definition of anxiety and its transcendental potentiality. Currently, Yasan’s research focuses on the concept of belonging, nearness and the possibility of exceeding and transforming identity-politics within the fabric of social relations.

Yasan directed a residency program for artists and writers in Ferndale, Washington; she was one of the selected artists at Beyond Spectacle Residency at the Simon Fraser University.  Her work has been exhibited at Two Rivers Art Gallery, AHVA Gallery, Satellite Gallery and Access Gallery in British Columbia, Canada and Sikås Art Center in Sweden.


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