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Shawn Xiang He

Master of Fine Arts, University of Regina
Appointed Artist at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum
    Painter and educator, Shawn Xiang He has held solo shows numerous times over the past three decades, and has participated in more than 30 international art shows in Canada, the United States, Australia, China, and Switzerland. His works have been purchased by state leaders from around the world, the Japanese royal family, the Royal Canadian Museum, the MacKenzie Art Gallery of Canada, and a host of private collectors. In May 1995, when the Internet was still in its infancy, Mr. He held a solo exhibition on the World Wide Web, displaying 99 of his personal works, making him among the first five visual artists in the world to use this medium of communication and commerce for displaying and selling art.
    In 1995, Mr. He founded the British Columbia Creative Center, based on his vision of redefining education by focusing on individual talent development through the recognition of every student’s hidden potential.

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